Create albums with dad

Set yourself a task of making a photo album each year for each child. Ask your partner or another friend to take the shots and then put together a booklet called “Jon and his Dad” or words to that effect. Have pictures of things you do together and write in it what the activity was that you did together, such as “Jon and his dad loved to go fishing” with a picture of you fishing.

The album will provide three obvious benefits. Firstly, when you have made it, your child will really like to see what it is about and love the fact that it about the two of you.

Secondly, the child will be able to look back over years and to see what has happened and reminisce.

Thirdly, when you are not able to be with your child and miss something big, you can go back to the book and show your child what you have done together as against what you are about to miss.



BUST is an acronym to help dads remember the key ways they can engage with their children and make a positive difference in their lives.


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