Create family surprises

“Spontaneity and surprise are important. Do the unexpected. Occasionally, when it’s time to go to bed, we’ll take the kids in their pajamas and race off and get an ice cream. When I get home from work sometimes we just jump in the car and head off to Fremantle or Kings Park, sometimes to the movies. It is the break from routine that keeps life interesting. Occasionally, I will grab some sparklers and we will head out to the back lawn and act like idiots. In fact it’s these moments of unpredictable silliness which are especially important in the kids’ lives. We did the sparkler thing out in the desert on one of our trips and the little ones often talk about it. The little one calls them ‘splarkers’ and it’s now a regular call at any off-beat moment, almost a code word for ‘fun.’” – Tim Willoughby, stockbroker and triple Olympian.

  • How can you incorporate more crazy silliness into your family life?
  • Choose one day this week to do something spontaneous.
  • Make an effort to break the monotonous routine of life more often. Your children’s smiles will be all the thanks you need.


Tell your kids how special they are

Think about specific ways that your child is unique, and tell them how special those things are.


Benefits of being a dad

You will almost certainly benefit from being an involved and committed father/father figure.