Creating a Family Tradition – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

An interview with Matt Hearn

What do you want your children to remember of you?

After realising my family enjoyed my home made pizza I added it as a weekly menu item on Friday nights, and declared I was starting a Family Pizza Night tradition.

Friday night was good because we had no other activities so it allows my kids (six and four year old) to get involved. Initially they helped roll out the dough and “decorate” their pizza with their favourite toppings. Now they even help me mix the ingredients to make the dough. We all put on our aprons and stand in a line at the bench as we decorate. It takes about 3 times longer but it’s at least that many times more enjoyable.

At their young age they may not easily remember the one-off things we’ve done together but I feel confident they’ll remember this repeated tradition.


Prioritising when seeing your kids again – that first hour counts

Plan an activity to do with your children as soon as you see them again – this shows them that they are your number one priority.


Helping your child handle peer pressure

As kids grow older they are increasingly influenced by their friends, which can create conflict with parents.