Dad Dates

Dad Dates are an oldie, but a goodie. Even with teenagers, one-on-one time is still our most tried, tested and recommended tip – and it’s never too late to start.

Dad Dates:

  • are best practised with one child at a time, meaning one-on-one time with no-one else and no interruptions.
  • are an opportunity for connection, and help your child to feel like they are valued, loved and worth your time.
  • don’t have to be elaborate; a simple coffee, lunch or just going for a walk are easy ways to create one-on-one time.
  • can sometimes be special – try taking your child somewhere they’ve been wanting to try, this will help them notice you are listening.
  • give you a change to listen – try to be interested and avoid judgment or criticism.
  • take time, and effort  – make a point of scheduling this in your diary, just like a business meeting.
  • may be difficult at the start, but persevere – perhaps learn something new together or give yourselves something to focus on until the conversation begins to run more smoothly.


Dennis Lillee

Dennis Lillee, former Australian test cricketer, is a great dad to his two kids. Listen to this podcast to find out how.


Take each of your kids out regularly for ‘dad dates’

‘Dad dates’ (no other adults, no other kids) don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but what they do need to be is time spent together.