Dad Dates

Taking your kids out individually on one-on-one dates is important. It helps your child feel worthwhile when you take time out of your busy work schedule to spend with them. Use this time together to focus on your child – practise listening and encouraging. Listen to some tips on dad dates by Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below.

Dad Dates

I want to pass on another tip that really works, and it’s a very simple tip that dads have tried and everyone who does this tells me how brilliant it is – we call it ‘dad dates’.

And that is where dad goes out with the kids one at a time. So it’s not dad and mum, and not dad and his mates, because adults will always talk to each other, and it’s not dad will all the kids or both kids; it’s just dad and just one child, and it works a treat.

And here’s the thing, dads – I always say to dads, get a tube of superglue and superglue your lips shut! It’s not a chance to preach to the kids, it’s a chance to listen.

And the busier you are, the more powerful this is in a kid’s life. Why is that? It’s not what you say to them, it’s not bonding time, it’s the fact that you bother; you’re busy and you bother and they think, “I must be worth bothering, I must be worth something because dad bothers to spend time with me.”

And the best thing to protect the kid from the dangers of life – drugs and all sorts of things – is to feel worthwhile.

So dads, think about that and take your kids on dad dates.


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