Dad Trips

Dad trips are a great way to bond with your child or teenager at a one-on-one level, especially if you feel distant from them. Listen to the podcast here on the importance of taking trips together, or read the transcript below.

Dad Trips

I thought I’d tell dads out there about a fantastic tip that really works with kids, and it especially works if you’re not getting on with your kids – perhaps when they’re teenagers. It’s called ‘dad trips’.

I wrote a chapter about taking kids on trips in my first book, Fathering From The Fast Lane, and a friend of mine in the eastern states read it, and he came running up to me and told me at a conference that he had read that chapter and he had taken his daughter on a trip. Now, they weren’t getting on – she was about 14 – and he was a bit nervous about it, but he took her on this trip (it was a conference trip – 5 days, and then 9 days together), and he said since they got back they are as close as can be, and she keeps telling people that they were the best two weeks of her life. “And, you know what?” he said to me, “Bruce, they were the best 2 weeks of my life as well!”

There’s something magic about taking kids on a trip. Just dad and just one child, no other adults, no other kids; if you’ve got ten kids, ten different trips.

It is a brilliant tip. It makes the kids feel worthwhile; it’s brilliant! So dads, think about a trip with your kids.


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