Dads need to be dependable

“Dads need to be dependable. Kids need to know that Dad will respond to any situation and try to provide for their physical and emotional needs.” – Ray Arthur, minister.

  • Begin by responding to your child’s needs at home. Make eye contact, listen, help when you can.
    Make yourself available to your children even when you are away from home. Let them know they can call you anytime they are in need.
  • When you consistently respond to your child’s smaller needs, they will trust in you and call on you as their needs get bigger.


Benefits of being a dad

You will almost certainly benefit from being an involved and committed father/father figure.


The SOCK Theory

It’s always easy to start a resolution, but if you don’t keep to it, you will not get better. SOCK means See a problem; Own that problem; make Changes; and Keep it up!