Dance with your children – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

Jimmie and his children dancing to camera

An interview with Jimmie of Hillarys

What do you want your children to remember of you?

Sometimes you just have to dance with your children.

I find great enjoyment with just playing with my children and devising games and stories with whatever is handy. From making race tracks up and down the driveway using bikes and skateboards, wheelbarrow and anything that moves, through the obstacles of flower pots and ramps, to creating stories from 3 random objects or things, 5 minutes and incorporates all the objects in a somewhat coherent manner.

But sometimes, we just got to make time to turn on some good music and just dance.

What do you remember of your father?

My dad had an interesting sense of humour (dad jokes) and would sing random sometimes made up songs to us. I would have liked him to attend more of my childhood activities – footy, hockey and scouts but that was not his way. I now ensure that we play an active role in our children’s activities.

But as I mature (many words for growing older) I find myself telling similar dad jokes to my children and singing random songs to them. There’s a lot of my dad in me.



Take turns making up the lines of a rhyming poem with your child.


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