Dealing with boys’ complex emotions

It might be time to expand your repertoire from ‘Man Up’ … even when your son does seemingly dopey stuff like slapping his brother all day until they both cry.

Boys are capable of BIG emotional arcs – from aggression to despair, to deep compassion and sweet contemplation, and back to slapping again … like four seasons in one day.

Brilliant author, Rosalind Wiseman, wrote such bestsellers as ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes’ (which fundamentally changed the way parents viewed teenage girls’ friendships and conflicts), and ‘Masterminds and Wingmen‘ (which gave parents skills to enable boys to cope with schoolyard power and locker-room tests).

Click here to read an article by Carter Gaddis at that draws on Wiseman’s research, making the path to understanding your son’s inner world more accessible.

If you’d like to purchase either of Wiseman’s books, they are available through all good booksellers.



This article was written by one of our supporters, Kym.



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