Dennis Lillee

Dennis Lillee, former Australian test cricketer, is a great dad to his two kids. Listen to this podcast to find out how, or read the transcript below.

Dennis Lillee

One of my heroes as a sportsman is Dennis Lillee – fantastic cricketer, a legend of the game, acknowledged by everybody. But Dennis is proud of something else, and that is that he’s been a good dad. He knows he hasn’t been perfect, but let me tell you some of the things I love about Dennis’ life.

One is, he’s got two sons and he always hugged them and told them he loved them. Sometimes guys think they’re too tough to do that, but if a tough guy like Dennis Lillee can do it, I think anyone can do it.

The other thing I love about Dennis is that he always made an effort. For example, after a 3-month test cricket tour, he’d come home and his boys would want to play cricket in the backyard. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but he made an effort to do it with his boys because he loved them.

The other thing he would do is, he knew he’d been away and unlike some people who then went out writing books and giving lecture tours, he made an effort to make up for the time, so they would go on holidays, fishing trips, and he’d go to school with them.

So I figure that if a guy like Dennis Lillee can do it, anyone can do it – he’s an inspiration to me and to others for the way he’s lived his life, even though he would be embarrassed to think so.


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