Don’t be a reactive father

“I tend to be a spontaneous, reactive person rather than a proactive planner. I guess I am about half and half, when I think about it. I do tend to think about what my kids could gain from particular activities and strategies and work it into my day sometimes. I think I could have improved in this area, though – I would like to have spent more time thinking strategically about each of the kids’ future and working on it.” – Peter Prout, lecturer, pastor, former schoolteacher and principal.

  • Don’t just react to children’s problems, but try to plan ahead. Focus on positive parenting. Don’t just react to problems when they occur.
  • Think about how you can help your child build skills to deal with common issues.


Bond through struggles

Family meals may not always be cheerful, but they are still important.


Share a laugh with them

Watch this short clip with Peter Rowsthorn on the benefits of laughter.