Don’t forget some “ME” time

Going back home after a stretch of FIFO work or a long business trip, or getting time to spend with your children who live with their mother, is a great chance to relax and unwind. Set yourself some time for what you want to do. It is not all about the children, you need to look after yourself, so plan it and negotiate it to ensure it will happen. Then you can relax knowing you will not miss out.

However, make sure ME time does not come before kids time. The sooner you re-establish contact with your children and do something meaningful with them when you are together, the sooner you can then go for ME time.


FIFO (Mums’ involvement)

Mums play an even more important part in the family than usual when their partners are away for long stretches of time due to work or travel. Mums can help avoid resentment from the kids towards a dad who is often away and misses important events. Find out how by listening to this podcast.


Fathering improves people skills

By living and promoting a balanced life you become a resource for other fathers.