Drugs and your children

Don’t assume your child will never be offered illicit drugs or will know how to avoid pressures to take drugs.

  • Be aware of what drugs are around and the risks of each of them pose for your children
  • Find out about the social and personal rewards children receive in taking them
  • Get involved and talk to your children about drug use, the pressures they feel etc.


Good Fathering Could Save Australia $5 Billion a Year

The link between good fathering and children’s outcomes is so strong that it’s estimated that if all Australian fathers spend an extra five minutes a day with each of their children, $5 billion a year would be saved in the areas of law, health, education and industry.


Dance with your children – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

Dancing with your children can be a memorable and special moment you share with them. So put on your silly hat and dance with them!