Drugs: be aware

Be aware of new drugs that become available – what they are made of and what impact they have – and know what symptoms to look for in a user. Talk with your kids (even pre-teen, if appropriate) about drugs and the dangers, and their awareness of drug availability and use in their area, school or even peer group.

  • Help your child to develop strategies to deal with situations such as being offered drugs, or pressured to take drugs to be part of the group.
  • Websites such as the Australian Drug Foundation provide information on common drugs
  • If you suspect your child is taking drugs, seek help. The above website contains links to a number of services


Set at-home office hours

If you work from home, set boundaries to work time so it doesn’t crowd out family time.


Family rituals are important

A family ritual is of high importance, particularly for those families who aren't spending as much time all together as they'd hope!