Drugs: be aware

Be aware of new drugs that become available – what they are made of and what impact they have – and know what symptoms to look for in a user. Talk with your kids (even pre-teen, if appropriate) about drugs and the dangers, and their awareness of drug availability and use in their area, school or even peer group.

  • Help your child to develop strategies to deal with situations such as being offered drugs, or pressured to take drugs to be part of the group.
  • Websites such as the Australian Drug Foundation provide information on common drugs
  • If you suspect your child is taking drugs, seek help. The above website contains links to a number of services


Quality time is not enough

Scheduling ‘quality time’ with your children is only part of the answer to building strong relationships. Spend lots of time with your children so you are there when they want to talk.


Toast marshmallows over an open fire

Make a fire out in the open and use it to toast marshmallows as well as keep warm!