Encourage problem-solving skills and open-mindedness

A child working on his homework

Make a habit of not answering your child’s questions directly – rather, help them to work out the answer for themselves or learn where to go for further information.

  • Develop your children’s problem solving skills
  • Don’t let your kids become too fixed in their thinking about politics, people or life
  • Teach your children to question what they hear at school, on TV and read in newspapers – help them to work out what they think is right, eg whilst you are all watching TV or eating dinner


Ask the mum for tips

Ask your partner or ex-partner how the kids are coping with you being away, and how they like it when you spend time with them, and work on making any changes identified.


FIFO (Mums’ involvement)

Mums play an even more important part in the family than usual when their partners are away for long stretches of time due to work or travel. Mums can help avoid resentment from the kids towards a dad who is often away and misses important events. Find out how by listening to this podcast.