Encourage problem-solving skills and open-mindedness

A child working on his homework

Make a habit of not answering your child’s questions directly – rather, help them to work out the answer for themselves or learn where to go for further information.

  • Develop your children’s problem solving skills
  • Don’t let your kids become too fixed in their thinking about politics, people or life
  • Teach your children to question what they hear at school, on TV and read in newspapers – help them to work out what they think is right, eg whilst you are all watching TV or eating dinner


Good Fathering Could Save Australia $5 Billion a Year

The link between good fathering and children’s outcomes is so strong that it’s estimated that if all Australian fathers spend an extra five minutes a day with each of their children, $5 billion a year would be saved in the areas of law, health, education and industry.


Take responsibility

Encourage and expect your kids to take responsibility for their actions and be a role model through your own behaviour.