Encourage your children to share their worries

Listen to your children’s fears and anxieties about the times you are away and reassure them of your love and commitment to them.

Children will develop their own ideas and mental images of where you go when you are away from home, and along with that will often imagine dangers or potential events that will prevent your return. Listen to their fears and reassure them as much as you can about the likelihood of such events.

  • Use photos or video to show your children where you are when you are away from home so they can visualise your work and your surroundings more easily.
  • Explain some of the safety procedures that are in place on site, if appropriate.


Consider working part time at home

Can you find a way to do some of your work from home? Even a day or two a week?


Kids in high school

Talk with your high-schooler about school - not just what they are learning but also their friends, teachers, sport, etc.