Encourage Learning

Encourage yourself to teach and your kids to learn. Here are some tips from Bruce Robinson on how to encourage learning in your child – listen to the podcast or read the transcript below.

Encourage Learning

What would failure look like? I don’t think failure looks like not getting into medical school. Speaking as a doctor who is a professor in a medical school, this is not an aspiration that everyone should have – it’s only for a particular number of kids.

I think failure would be a lack of interest in education, a lack of curiosity, and parents are very important in helping their kids to be kids who are curious about life and who are interested in learning. How can you do that? We’ve got a few tips to help.

One is, visit the museum with them, or a local library, and set up some quizzes so they can just walk around and enjoy the learning.

Try to interest them in nature and world events.

Be with them; find teachable moments.

When they’re doing projects help them to think out of the box and to be inventive rather than just getting through the project.

Involve them in what you are reading, maybe explore the internet.

And I’ve got one final tip from The Fathering Project: don’t over-organise their lives – Monday, ballet, Tuesday, soccer, etc. Allow time for kids to be creative, or when they don’t have you organising their lives they won’t know what to do.


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