Family Fun: Indoor Ideas

Indoor fun activities

  • Get the family together to play board games or card games
  • Family Trivia Game – Each family member records trivia questions about the family on cards, especially fun and dumb things, or little things, such as “What did Mary lose at the beach on our holiday in Bali”, “What was mum’s maiden name?” etc. You can include photos, recordings, objects etc.
  • Annual family memories – The whole family draws pictures of the events of the past year on sheets of paper, using crayons or coloured pens. Then hang them up on the wall. Kids may need help with categories e.g. school, holidays, funny events, friends, family, world news, sport. These reflections make great family memorabilia.
  • Buy a book on how to build paper airplanes and get together to do it.
  • Look up the address of craft stores to buy then make model airplanes or ships
  • Buy a dart board and play together (don’t forget to buy some appropriate backing for the ’near misses’).
  • Create ‘F.A.R.T’ times = ‘family altogether reading times’. Everyone sits down and reads together. You can do the same for family art etc.
  • Torch limbo – Get 2 children to each hold a torch and point it at each other. The rest of the family limbos under the beam [hold it level]
  • Have a family celebration. Make it a special meal with non-alcoholic champagne and then get everyone to write then say something about each other. Kid usually need guidance e.g. it might be about what they do (cooking, emptying the dishwasher etc.), who they are (funny, laugh a lot, generous, kind etc.), something they have achieved (in the school band or soccer team etc.) or, easiest of all, some special memory shared e.g. a special memory of time together on vacation
  • Play ‘I Spy’ – this can be done anywhere, anytime, spontaneously. Find an object somewhere within view and the others have to guess e.g. you say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with R”, “or something blue” etc.” Don’t say “Let’s play I Spy”, just launch into it by saying “I Spy…..etc.” It almost always works.
  • Create a family photo album and journal e.g. using copies of photos taken over the previous year, with each family member having some responsibility for the document. Find stickers to write about each photo or event, and include some memorabilia e.g. money brought home from overseas trips, plane tickets, movie entrance tickets etc.
  • Get together cook some family pizzas
  • Cyber fun – get your kids to teach you how to create your own Facebook or Twitter account, to send text messages or use email (if you don’t know already).
  • Look up jokes on the internet and tell them to each other (see below for website ideas)
  • Kids get a lot of fun out of telling stories about the dumb things their parents have done – don’t worry about this, it is healthy. Indeed the higher achievements of the parents, the more important and humanizing this becomes. It is way more important to kids that you are a human being, not an infallible hero.

Websites which provide family-fun and child-friendly jokes:

If you have a great website which you would like us to share within this article, please contact us with the website links.


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