Family Fun: Outdoor Ideas

Here are some fun outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy:

  • Go for a family bike ride. Make it fun by exploring somewhere new, making a picnic out of it or adding a quiz or treasure hunt.
  • Buy some cheap kites and fly them at a park
  • Try “Bush Birthdays” for the kids ie. take a couple of carloads of kids to a bush spot, light a campfire, play a treasure hunt game, fry sausages, toast marshmallows, sing etc. We have found that kids have way more fun at such parties than most other types of party.
  • Go to a museum or zoo – there is usually a special exhibit on. Find out about that exhibit in advance and make a quiz out of it [e.g. How do you tell the difference between an African elephant and an Asian elephant? Find out the name of the biggest whale in the sea]. Finish with a treat.
  • Ask a local radio station if your family can do a tour of the premises.
  • Create a “magical mystery tour” e.g. drive around back streets “looking for a white Volkswagen”; walk through the city; take a ferry ride on the river “looking for whales”; and take a bus to a special destination. It really works for little kids. I used to make these up on the spot, changing my mind as I went. As long as there are plenty of laughs and treats it really works.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt i.e. make a list of things to collect. Include things from nature e.g. flowers, leaves, reeds. Make sure they do it in pairs (it is more fun that way).
  • Have a picnic in the bush or a barbecue in a park
  • Hire a canoe, catamaran or paddle boat on the local lake or river
  • Make your own minigolf course
  • Make your own family Time Capsule – put in items from school e.g. report cards, as well as items that will be fun to look at after a few years such as newspapers, notes about your daily life. Get everyone to write themselves a letter. Then bury it somewhere and don’t open it for 5 years or so.
  • 3 legged balloon volleyball – Each pair ties themselves together by a leg (or one arm) and the game is to knock a balloon back and forth. The winner is the pair who can keep knocking the balloon back for the longest time. You can also have a race section, where the pair has to keep knocking the balloon in the air without it hitting the ground (if it does they have to go back & start again)


Don’t be overly proactive

Don't try to force proactive parenting on your children.


Build a model together

If you work away from home, travel a lot, or don't see your children often due to access limitations, here's an activity to try: spend time with your child when you are together building something.