Family Fun: Outdoor Ideas

Here are some fun outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy:

  • Go for a family bike ride. Make it fun by exploring somewhere new, making a picnic out of it or adding a quiz or treasure hunt.
  • Buy some cheap kites and fly them at a park
  • Try “Bush Birthdays” for the kids ie. take a couple of carloads of kids to a bush spot, light a campfire, play a treasure hunt game, fry sausages, toast marshmallows, sing etc. We have found that kids have way more fun at such parties than most other types of party.
  • Go to a museum or zoo – there is usually a special exhibit on. Find out about that exhibit in advance and make a quiz out of it [e.g. How do you tell the difference between an African elephant and an Asian elephant? Find out the name of the biggest whale in the sea]. Finish with a treat.
  • Ask a local radio station if your family can do a tour of the premises.
  • Create a “magical mystery tour” e.g. drive around back streets “looking for a white Volkswagen”; walk through the city; take a ferry ride on the river “looking for whales”; and take a bus to a special destination. It really works for little kids. I used to make these up on the spot, changing my mind as I went. As long as there are plenty of laughs and treats it really works.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt i.e. make a list of things to collect. Include things from nature e.g. flowers, leaves, reeds. Make sure they do it in pairs (it is more fun that way).
  • Have a picnic in the bush or a barbecue in a park
  • Hire a canoe, catamaran or paddle boat on the local lake or river
  • Make your own minigolf course
  • Make your own family Time Capsule – put in items from school e.g. report cards, as well as items that will be fun to look at after a few years such as newspapers, notes about your daily life. Get everyone to write themselves a letter. Then bury it somewhere and don’t open it for 5 years or so.
  • 3 legged balloon volleyball – Each pair ties themselves together by a leg (or one arm) and the game is to knock a balloon back and forth. The winner is the pair who can keep knocking the balloon back for the longest time. You can also have a race section, where the pair has to keep knocking the balloon in the air without it hitting the ground (if it does they have to go back & start again)


Offset the disappointment of missing important dates

If you are going to miss an important date in your child’s life such as a birthday or sports game, plan ahead how to celebrate at another time.


Use technology to stay connected during the day

It is now easier than ever to stay connected with your children even when you are at work.