Fathering improves people skills

“I think being a father is really helpful to my work. It has made me more sensitive to the needs of my staff and how they relate to their own families. My work has helped me to be able to give advice to people about the balance they achieve between their work and their home life. If I weren’t a father I wouldn’t be able to give that advice.” – Warren Reynolds, businessman and aerobatics pilot.

  • By living and promoting a balanced life you become a resource for other fathers.
  • Your example gives other fathers permission to put their families first.


Parents’ survival guide for leavers / schoolies

Here are a few tips to help you guide your school leaver towards making the right choices.


Photo documentary

If you work away from home, travel a lot, or don't see your kids every day due to access limitations, here's an activity to try: create a photo documentary of your day, and ask your kids to do the same.