Fathering improves work skills

“Fathering has helped my work a lot. I think it has made me more patient (you can’t try to apply logic to a two-year-old and lose patience when they can’t follow your line of reasoning). Also, I have learnt to communicate at someone else’s level. In the workplace it is really important to communicate at different levels, and kids can teach you that.” – Daniel Petre, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • As a father you learn to trust your intuition – a skill that will serve you well in the workplace.
  • You also learn to trust and respect others without getting short-fused.
  • Find a way to apply the people skills you learn at home with your children in your workplace.


Attend the kids’ sports and other interests

Encourage your children in whatever sport and other interests they have chosen, by attending games and asking them questions.



Try to be as accessible as you can for your kids.