Fathering improves work skills

“Fathering has helped my work a lot. I think it has made me more patient (you can’t try to apply logic to a two-year-old and lose patience when they can’t follow your line of reasoning). Also, I have learnt to communicate at someone else’s level. In the workplace it is really important to communicate at different levels, and kids can teach you that.” – Daniel Petre, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • As a father you learn to trust your intuition – a skill that will serve you well in the workplace.
  • You also learn to trust and respect others without getting short-fused.
  • Find a way to apply the people skills you learn at home with your children in your workplace.


Conversation starters – teenagers

Here are a few suggested questions to ask your teenage child.


Take something from your children to your life on site

Take your children’s artwork or craft to your worksite, hotel, or home – the children will appreciate it when you value their work, and you will have a connection to them.