Father’s Day – what does it mean?

What does Father’s Day mean in your family? Is it more than just a few new pairs of socks and jocks to add to the wardrobe?

Being a dad is a very hands on, involved role. You need to be there for your children, show them unconditional love, help them feel special, and parent as a team with your partner to be the best dad for your children.

So how should dads celebrate Father’s Day? Here are a few tips:

  • Start a family ritual – it might be an activity like having a picnic in your favourite park or attending a sporting match, or maybe make a speech after dinner about what being a dad has meant for you this year
  • Spend time one-to-one with each of your children on the day, telling them how much you love them and love being their dad
  • Give your own dad a call, drop in to see him or share a meal together
  • Appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into the gifts and cards you receive from your children, and treasure these mementos


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