Fathers have an enormous responsibility

“The most important thing I would say to other fathers who are starting the journey of fathering is that they need to understand the enormous responsibility they have and the powerful effect that their fathering will have in influencing their children, for good or bad.” – John Inverarity, former Australian cricketer and current chairman of selectors, ACB.

  • You are an important piece of your child’s life. No one can father the way you can!
  • Give your child the very best of yourself.
  • Take time to learn and grow as a parent. Always strive to be the best you can be.


Create ‘magical mystery tours’

Take the children on surprise trips by car or public transport, making up fun games along the way, e.g. counting motorbikes – and finish with a treat.


The importance of father figures

Kids need a strong male role model in their life. A strong father figure is important in a child's life, particularly when the father is not around or not interested. Listen here as Bruce Robinson talks about why it is important to have a strong father figure in a child's life.