Fathers who have daughters

Daughters look to their dads to build their confidence, and to see how they can expect to be treated by their future partners. Listen to some tips from Bruce Robinson for dads with daughters, or read the transcript below.

Fathers who have daughters

I thought I’d talk for the moment to fathers who have daughters: you’re very important in a girl’s life. Girls look to their fathers for all sorts of signals; three signals in particular, and they’ve got their radar out for them.

The first is: “Am I beautiful?” Not pretty, but am I beautiful.

Secondly, they get a lot of confidence from their dads. They are looking to dads to see whether they are capable, so don’t put them down and tell them they’re stupid. Encourage then, ask for their opinion, ask for their help.

Thirdly, they look to their dads to see how they can expect to be treated by a man. Set the bar of respect high – treat them with respect and they will not put up with disrespect from boys. But treat your daughters with disrespect, and they don’t think they deserve it.

And dads, please hug your daughters. It’s been shown that if fathers hug their daughters, their capacity for intimacy and love and a long-term relationship is vastly increased.

So, dads, you have a profound effect on your daughters – how they feel about themselves and how they’re going to function in future relationships with males. You’re the go-to person here; you can’t go to the interchange bench and say, “Mum can do it.” It’s up to you, dads.


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