Flexibility of working from home

“In the years before my wife joined the business, I was the available parent in the mornings and after school. This meant I drove them to school with their projects, took them to the shops if there was something important to buy, and collected them from school if they were sick. We had more time together than ever before and so got to speak about all sorts of issues. I also became a regular cook and did the shopping. I think it was important for the kids to see how my wife and I handled the new roles. I really enjoyed the cooking: the kids could see my cooking style was part inspiration and part experimentation (usually edible).” – Rex Finch, publisher

  • When you are working from home you can be more involved in the day to day aspects of your children’s lives
  • As you take on more of the household chores your children get to see their parents both participating in caring for the family. This helps to define their view on gender roles
  • You show your children that everyone works together to complete what needs to be done. There is nothing that is ‘her’ work or ‘his’ work. It is all ‘our’ work


Attend the kids’ sports and other interests

Encourage your children in whatever sport and other interests they have chosen, by attending games and asking them questions.


Consider working part time at home

Can you find a way to do some of your work from home? Even a day or two a week?