Footy season – get ready!

Travelling and being away from your children mean that often you are less likely to be regularly attending a football match (or other sporting event) with your children.  How about planning with your children and setting aside a time when you will be able to take them to a game.

Children like the build-up and anticipation of events and activities and you will capture their enthusiasm by scheduling the games in the season.  It doesn’t need to be top level.  You can have fun going to games and maybe also getting out on the ground to have a kick at half time.

Write these events on the calendar and then commit to making it happen.


The Dads Guide To Building A Physically Resilient Body.

“Train smarter before harder” is the age old saying many athletes over the age of 40 abide by and should be a philosophy adopted by the future generations if we’re to build long lasting resilience physically, mentally and emotionally.

Guest contributor Jason Dick of Earn The Right rehabilitation, strength training & conditioning gym shares his advice on resilience.


Discuss beliefs with children

Discuss your beliefs, whatever they are, with your children.