Four tips for FIFO dads

Listen to this podcast to get four important tips for FIFO dads, or read the transcript below.

Four tips for FIFO dads

I thought I’d have a little word to fly-in-fly-out dads. There are four tips.

Firstly, tell your kids about the work you’re doing, whatever it is, explain to them how other people will benefit, not just them in terms of paying the mortgage and food on the table, but other people out there. You’re getting iron ore out of the ground to build bridges and schools for kids in China so they can go to school.

Secondly, really work hard to stay in touch with your kids- skyping them with bed time stories, and make sure you know what’s happening in their lives – if they’ve got an exam, or an assembly or a performance or a running race – know about it in advance and ask about it.

Next, when you come home remember that they’ve learnt to do without you, so don’t try and rule the roost- chill out. If there’s a few trucks on the floor just let it go. This is one of the biggest points of tension and unfortunately kids then don’t want dad to come home or they have mixed feelings about it.

And finally when you come home, make a bit of an extra effort – go down to the school with them. It’s interesting how teachers say that sometimes, fly-in-fly-out dads are seen more often at the school than dads who work in the city!


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