Get some mental exercise

In much the same way as our bodies need exercise to stay fit, our brains need regular workouts to perform at their best. Encourage your children to challenge their minds with memory games and puzzles, and to look for and understand the reasons behind events or other things they observe. Use the same tools yourself to keep your mind active.

  • Set an example for your children – attempt a crossword, Sudoku or other puzzle each day
  • Play games with your children that encourage memory and logic skills – e.g. memory card game, chess, Scrabble
  • Play ‘what if’ games – what would the world be like if….T-Rex dinosaurs still roamed the earth, for example, or people could fly. Explore the implications in different areas of life.


Teenagers and their fathers/father figures

Tell your teenagers you love them, even when they are testing your patience.


Why be an engaged and committed dad?

You will almost certainly benefit from being an involved and committed father/father figure.