Get the lowdown on issues at home before you arrive

If you have been away from home for a while through work or travel commitments, chat with your partner a day or two before you head home to find out any issues – rather than having them dumped on you when you walk in the door!

Disagreements or other problems at home between siblings, or between the children and your partner, or even involving other people or organisations (school, work, neighbours, etc) may have emerged while you have been away on site. Get an update from your partner before you arrive home so that you are aware of the tensions and can respond appropriately.

  • Don’t try to deal with issues as soon as you arrive home – catch up on sleep and restore your energy levels first.
  • Squabbling or rebellious children may be waiting for dad to get home to put their case to a new audience – you can head them off and defer arbitration if you let them know you are already aware of the issue.


Help your children feel special

Actively seek ways to help each of your children feel special.


Involve kids in your work

When you involve your child in your job you create special memories.