Give Mum a break

“For a period of time Merrin was getting exhausted in her role as mother. So I took five weeks of annual leave in the form of one day a week, every Wednesday, to look after the children while she went off and did whatever she liked for the day. It might have been shopping, seeing her friends or whatever. We wrote it on our calendars as ‘Merrin’s Day.’” – Glen Begley, former director, WA Institute for Medical Research.

  • How can you give your wife a break from parenting duties? Use a vacation day? Come home early to cook dinner? Take the kids out of the house one evening a week?
  • Find a way to create space for your wife to take time for herself away from the children.
  • Use that time to build relationships with your children. Have special ‘Dad’ activities that you do together.
  • Everyone will start to look forward to Mum’s day off!


Create time with your children

The everyday moments you spend with your child has as much value as the special moments.


Be aware of unconscious biases

Teach your children not to pre-judge others by setting the right example.