Going away and coming home

It is always important to stay in touch with your children when you are away. Listen to this podcast by Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below, to find out why.

Going Away and Coming Home

A lot of dads have to go away from time to time for their work and it can be quite difficult being away, but just as difficult coming home, and I know this a problem with a lot of people who travel so at The Fathering Project we’ve got a few tips.

The first tip is: stay in touch with the kids when you’re away.

Secondly, tell the kids why you’re away – it works much better if the kids know why you’re not there.

Thirdly, know what’s happening in the kids’ lives.

Now a really important point: when you come home from being away, don’t suddenly expect to rule the roost – they’ve learnt to do without you. Chill for a few days and just let it happen all around you; that’s one of the most difficult times.

And finally try to make up for the time you’ve been away. I remember Kim Beazley said that he was such a busy politician, but the teachers at his daughters’ school said he was there more often than any other dad who hadn’t been away because he made an effort when he came back.


Give your kids a call

If you have to head off early for work or other engagements, give the family a call before the kids head off for school to let them know you are thinking of them.


Spend time together after school

Take advantage of flexible work arrangements where possible to be with your children after school.