Good Fathering Could Save Australia $5 Billion a Year

Credit: Neil Pillar and his family

Credit: Neil Pillar and his family

The link between good fathering and children’s outcomes is so strong that it’s estimated that if all Australian fathers spend an extra five minutes a day with each of their children, $5 billion a year would be saved in the areas of law, health, education and industry. 30 percent of the health budget is spent on substance abuse. There’s about $12 billion dollars upfront. Most of the court cases, burglaries, kids in jail, are kids who have no father figure in their life. In education, a lot of schoolteachers are quitting because they signed up idealistically to teach kids. But all they’re doing is exercising crowd control, getting abused and they’re quitting to do something else, which costs the education department a lot of money. Number one factor for bullying and bad attitude at school is an inappropriate or an absent father figure. The statistics are overwhelming.

Ideally the government would try to prevent the problems rather than trying to fix them at the other end. So, in other words, turn off the tap instead of trying to mop up the water. All the time they’re trying to put more psychologists in schools, rather than getting involved with trying to help every child to have a strong and appropriate father figure. If we could work for every child to have a quality father figure we would turn the tap off instead of trying to mop up the water.

Listen in to Bruce Robinson’s interview with Graham Mabury. The audio has been reproduced with permission.


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