Good fathering improves productivity

“Focusing on being a good dad has helped me understand the pressures that other dads are under. It has also helped to make me a more balanced person. I am a fairly ‘driven’ person so if I didn’t have family I think I’d become absolutely obsessed with work. I’m already described as being fairly driven so it is likely that I would focus on work to the exclusion of other things. I’d be driven in just one direction. Family is, and should be, the ultimate balance.” – John Dickson, writer, historian and minister.

  • Being ‘driven’ is a good quality but it can easily become ‘obsessive.’
  • By focusing your ‘driven’ nature on being a good father you keep everything in perspective.
  • Maintaining balance in your life makes you more productive in all areas.


Play One on One!

In this short and humorous clip with Peter Rowsthorn, he goes over the benefits of playing one-on-one with your children, even if you have more than one!


Be an example for your child

Seeing how you handle different situations in your life, good and bad, influences your children.