Good fathering improves productivity

“Focusing on being a good dad has helped me understand the pressures that other dads are under. It has also helped to make me a more balanced person. I am a fairly ‘driven’ person so if I didn’t have family I think I’d become absolutely obsessed with work. I’m already described as being fairly driven so it is likely that I would focus on work to the exclusion of other things. I’d be driven in just one direction. Family is, and should be, the ultimate balance.” – John Dickson, writer, historian and minister.

  • Being ‘driven’ is a good quality but it can easily become ‘obsessive.’
  • By focusing your ‘driven’ nature on being a good father you keep everything in perspective.
  • Maintaining balance in your life makes you more productive in all areas.


Quality time requires self-sacrifice

Too often we expect every interaction with our children to be a magical moment.


Take each of your children on one-on-one trips

One-on-one trips (no other adults, no other kids) are a valuable way of spending time with your child and showing them they are special.