Grow a garden together

Even if you don’t have a plot of land, you can grow a garden in a few pots. Agree with your child what to grow and then go together to the nursery to get seeds or seedlings and whatever else you need. (You might need to do a bit of research or ask friends with gardens if you haven’t gardened before.)

Learning how to care for the plants, watching them grow, and then harvesting the end result are a great way to spend time together with your child.


Launching a Dads Group : Murwillumbah High School

A recount by Murwillumbah High school chaplain Rachel Thompson of the Murwillumbah High inaugural Fathering project event, "Paper planes and Pizza".


Fathering improves work skills

As a father you learn to trust your intuition - a skill that will serve you well in the workplace.