Have a shared parenting plan

Do you have a clear plan to manage the challenging issues that may arise when the children are with one parent or the other – for example, an emergency trip to hospital for one of the children, or behaviour problems?

Do you have two styles of family – one when the children are with you, and one when they are with their mum or other carer?  It is not wrong – but you and the children’s other carer are better off discussing it.

It is always much easier if you have a clear understanding of how things will work when the children are not with you, and importantly some plans for when the children are with you and incidents occur that require a shared response.


Encourage your kids to avoid smoking

Discuss with your children the impacts of smoking, and ways to avoid starting.


Tell your kids how special they are

Think about specific ways that your child is unique, and tell them how special those things are.