Have a water fight

Load up the water pistols and have a water fight. If you want to create some structure, divide the family into 2 teams, set a time limit and lay down rules about, say, where players can go (e.g. not inside the house and not outside the property boundary), or how many times they can refill their weapons. Alternatively, just have a free-for-all skirmish and see who’s left standing!

Great fun, especially on a hot day!


Show Them You Care

This is a short and funny video clip featuring Peter Rowsthorn sharing tips and avice for Fathers and father-figures on behalf of The Fathering Project.


Plan your school involvement for the upcoming year

It’s the start of the school year for Australian schools, so they will be asking parents to volunteer their time for many roles, including serving on canteen, assisting teachers in the classroom, helping at working bees, etc. Sit down with your children and agree with them what you will volunteer for, and how often.