Help your child establish a good homework routine

Help your child with their homework – but don’t do it for them!

Most children start getting homework from the first year of school. Initially this involves practising reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic. Later on homework will evolve into larger, more complex research projects. Help your child by encouraging them, testing their spelling, listening to their reading, and guiding them if they can’t see the solution to a problem or don’t know where to look for information.

  • Don’t simply answer their questions – guide them as to how to find the answer for themselves
  • Take an interest in what they are learning about – you might learn something too!
  • Establish set times for play time and homework time after school so the children have a routine


Teach values to your children

Be specific about values like trust, honesty, integrity, respect, racism, generosity to those who are poor and kindness to those in need.


Make time during the day

Making yourself available to your children lets them know that they are a priority.