Hide and seek

Hide and seek with a creative twist!

Granted, you survived the incredibly long summer school holidays, but there’s even more on the horizon, right?

There’s a tried and true way to help while away some time at home with the kids without planting them in front of electric wallpaper (aka. Netflix, Wii, Playstation – you get the drift). Hide and seek is the answer…honestly.

Little boy behind the curtains playing hide and seek

To make the game more of a stealth mission, Fatherly.com asked Navy Seal, Nick Hays, for guaranteed concealment tips proven to up your spy-game big time.

Click on this link to see eight, genius recommendations that will have you and your kid hiding so effectively, your search party will bow down in reverence at the game’s conclusion.


This article is written by one of our supporters, Kym.


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