Holidays at the Beach – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

By Raymond of Fremantle

What do you want your children to remember of you?

When our kids were little, we used to holiday in Falcon each year after Christmas. As they grew older I taught them how to body surf and use a body board in some quite decent surf know that my kids still love surfing and loved our times together at Falcon. I know that my adult children have many stories to tell about our times together-how our wonderful Goldie ran off with our sandcastle flag made of seaweed, the times we camped out and the dreams we dreamed together for their future. That we laughed, loved each other and that I sometimes sang after a special family meal. And occasionally, after a drink or two, danced in a strange 60s style.

What do you remember of your father?

I remember going salmon fishing with my dad when I was little. We lived on a farm in the Porongurups and my dad was a keen fisherman. This year (1955) the salmon were running strongly at Cheynes Beach so our family camped out there for a while. When a large school of salmon was spotted in the surf, we went down with the salmon fisherman to help out. I have never forgotten everyone picking up the salmon flapping in the sand and throwing them into the back of my uncle’s truck. After the truck left with the salmon aboard, Dad caught some large herring which we cooked right there on the beach. Although it is over 50 years since that time, I still clearly remember the truly wonderful experience of eating delicious herring on the beach over a fire with my dad & family.


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