How you can be a father figure

Listen to this podcast by Professor Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below, on how to be a father figure to a kid who may not have the attention of a father in their life.

How you can be a father figure

I’d like to talk for a moment about father figures. It’s something we talk about a lot in The Fathering Project.

Father figures can be very powerful in a child’s life. Think back to your own life – was there a male, an adult male who spoke into your life and made you feel special? Maybe a grandfather, a schoolteacher, a sports coach or an uncle?

Men – you are a father figure whether you like it or not. The children that come into your house, your friend’s children – you are a father figure to them.

So dads, or males in general, be aware of the power of father figures to change the lives of kids, and take opportunities. I think about a child whose parents had split up and he wasn’t doing well and then a guy took him out with his own kids to get wood on a camping trip and he created an opportunity for this other child by saying, “Come and help us get wood”, and he said, “Mate, I know things have been tough at home, but I reckon you’re a great kid! I’ve seen how you’ve done this and this and this – you’re a winner!”

The power of a father figure to change the future of a child’s life is enormous, so think about it!


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