“I Love You”

Never Miss an Opportunity to tell your Children 'I Love You'

Think of different ways to tell your children “I love you”, and different aspects of their character to highlight. Let them know that you will always be there for them.

  • Make eye contact, and use your children’s names
  • Surprise them by telling them when they don’t expect it
  • Leave notes for them or send them a text to let them know they are in your thoughts


Learn about becoming a better father

Very few men are “naturals” when it comes to fathering and mentoring. Recognise this and take steps to learn more.


Schedule work around your family

If your work situation requires it, get up earlier in the morning and get a couple of hours work done before having breakfast with the family, or work a couple of hours in the evening after the children are in bed, rather than miss out on spending time with your family.