Ideas for spending time with teenagers

Get creative in finding opportunities to spend time with your teenager:

  • Encourage them to help you cook meals in the kitchen or on the barbecue
  • Drive them to and from friends’ houses or outings with their friends
  • When they are learning to drive, supervise their driving practice
  • Watch sport together – either at the game or on TV
  • Exercise together – go to the gym, or go for a run
  • Play a team sport together
  • Plan and then take a holiday together


Fathering improves work skills

As a father you learn to trust your intuition - a skill that will serve you well in the workplace.


Raise your kids to be adventurous

Don’t wrap your children in cotton wool and try to protect them from the world and all its dangers. Instead, teach them to recognise and manage the risks in a situation so they can confidently challenge themselves.