Impacts when fathers reunite with children

When dad is apart from his children, life goes on without him. At most homes, it is likely that there are things happening that are not always the way the father would want them to be. This happens whether the father is based at home all the time, travels a lot, or lives separately from the children.

What is clear is that a dad reuniting with the children after an absence is more likely to notice the difference and will be judgemental. It is a watch point and something the father needs to be cognisant of prior to making it an issue.


Talking about sexuality with boys and girls

Don’t avoid the topic of sexuality with your children – both girls and boys.


Connect with schools electronically

Access your child’s school through their website so you can keep up to date with what is happening. Many schools now offer parent portals where parents can see their child’s results and upcoming assessments, and also contact teachers.