Join or start a dads’ group at school or work

Dads’ groups are a great way for dads to get to know other dads, to organise and run group activities to have fun with their kids, and to share experiences and compare notes on being dads. The Fathering Project works with many schools, community groups and organisations to help them set up and run dads’ groups.

  • If your child’s school or your workplace has a dads’ group, join in! Contact the person running the group to find out more, or turn up to their next event. If you want to start a group at school or work, contact The Fathering Project or review the information available on our website to get more information.
  • By getting to know other dads and sharing parenting experiences, you are less likely to feel that fathering is too hard or that you are not “cut out” to be a dad.
  • Organised group activities can provide a range of different fun ways to spend time with your child.


Learn to recognise children’s emotions

Learn to recognise when your child is feeling sad, anxious or frightened, and be ready to listen.


Kids appreciate a proactive father

Being proactive can be as simple as thinking about what your child will need and providing it.