Keep talking

It’s tempting to put on a brave face and give the impression to your kids that you a coping well with not being with them, whether this is because of work or travel commitments or because of marital breakdown, even when things are not going great. After all, that is the situation and you need to make it work. Bottling up your anger or frustration, though, can increase your stress levels and lead to a range of problems.

Be honest with your kids about how you are going. Share both the highs and lows of the job and life away from them. But put things into perspective, too, by listening to your kids and others tell of their lives, and keep up with news of the world outside.


Keep Calm & Carry on

In this short and humorous clip with Peter Rowsthorn, he discusses the importance of keeping calm around your children, even in stressful situations.


Teenage girls and the pressure they face

Girls need some help or some way to avoid the pressure they get from boys. You can find other strategies or ways from Collective Shout to help your teenage daughter(s). In the meantime, listen to this podcast for tips on how to help teenage girls face the pressure.