Keep track of your child’s events

“I always try to attend parents’ activities and school sports days and make an effort when there is a special reason to attend, such as cross-country running. To do that, I ‘write off the morning’ in my diary so that my secretary knows not to book anything. I think that is really important, because children need to know that while you cannot be there for everything, you will always try to be there for special events.” – Paul Bannan, neurosurgeon

  • Keep track of your children’s upcoming events
  • Arrange your work schedule around these important events whenever possible
  • When you are there for the special events your children know that they are your priority


Make more time for family

While work is a necessity, so is your family. How can you structure your work to make more time for your family?


Be there

If you are separated from your partner and have limited access to your children, make sure they know that you will continue to always be there for them.