Keep your promises

“The other routine that I’ve followed fairly rigorously is that if I’d promised my kids that I’d be home for something special I’d always make certain I was. This is very important. I would often get planes very early in the morning just to get back for school sports or other important events. You really should move heaven and earth to keep any commitment you’ve made like that to your children. I never promised to be home if I couldn’t be and I’d explain that to them. For example, not long after I became Prime Minister I had to go up and look at a drought area in Queensland. My younger son was in a school debate that evening and although I was tired I went to the debate straight from the airport. Richard made a point of saying, ‘Thanks. I know you’ve been in Queensland all day.’” – John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia

  • Everyone is busy. Making your children a priority means working your schedule to allow you to be at their special events
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Only say you will be there if you really can be. Then make it happen!
  • If you can’t be at something let your child know that up front. Be honest. But missing their events should be the exception, not the rule


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