Keep yourself healthy

Bringing up children is hard work. It can be physically demanding, requiring at times lack of sleep, skipped or unhealthy meals, and exposure to illness. It can also be mentally draining, particularly if your partner or your child struggles to cope with life in some way, and/or you have a busy or stressful job.

Make fathering as easy for yourself as possible by making sure you keep as fit and healthy as you can. Exercise regularly, eat properly, and get adequate sleep. Share problems and issues with other people, and get support when you need it – don’t imagine you have to cope with everything yourself.

  • Be active with your kids – go bike riding together, kick the footy around at the park, or shoot some hoops
  • Learn to cook healthy meals with the kids
  • Take all your holidays, and use at least some of them to take family vacations away from home
  • If you feel you are not coping, get help. Talk to your partner, counsellors at work, or your local health service


Be mentally and physically present

By focusing on your child you are letting them know that they are the priority.


Draw each other’s portrait

Draw a picture of your child, and ask them to do the same of you. Colour the pictures and then display them to the family.