Kids and education

Never put too much pressure on your kids to perform, and if they don’t perform, make sure that they are not judged by you and they know that you will love them unconditionally no matter what. Listen to Bruce Robinson talk about kids and education, or read the transcript below.

Kids and Education

I’ve got a couple of tips for parents when they’re thinking about their children’s education.

The first is, remember this: children are not your bragging rights. It’s very difficult for children if their performance at school is somehow your creds in society. They’re not your bragging rights and it’s very difficult for a second child if the first one is really smart. Make sure the kids know that your love and regard for them does not depend on their results.

Also children are not your rights for your good citizen ticket – if they misbehave at school, don’t imagine that “oh this is going to reflect badly on me as a citizen”. Be there always supporting your kids; make sure your kids know that you believe in them.

And parents – I’m especially now talking to dads – make sure you get to things, including canteen duties, meet the teacher, and here’s a good tip: please say “thanks” to the teacher for teaching your kids. So many parents think their kids would be geniuses except for the fact that the teacher isn’t doing the right thing. Teachers do a great job; just go and thank the teacher for teaching your child, and say “how can I help?”


Teaching children values

Don’t assume your children will learn the right values through TV, movies, magazines or their peers. Dads are powerful influencers, so model in your own life the values you want your children to learn.


Eat together

Even with a busy work schedule it is possible to make family meal time a priority.