Kids in high school

Once your kids reach high school, they often don’t want parents around at school and want to be more independent of their parents. Respect that, but at the same time make sure you are on school mailing lists and have access to school internet sites so that you are aware of what is happening at the school, what your child is learning, and any issues.

  • Talk with your high-schooler about school – not just what they are learning but also their friends, teachers, sport, etc.
  • Attend parent-teacher interviews.
  • Make time to listen.


Father’s Day – what does it mean?

What does Father’s Day mean in your family? Is it more than just a few new pairs of socks and jocks to add to the wardrobe?


Review why you are FIFO

Working FIFO has both costs and rewards. Review your situation at least annually to see if it remains the optimal situation for you and your family.